Who are they? The most similar players to your Astros

I had an idea to revisit a topic I wrote about a couple of years ago.

During the 2021 Postseason several media members compared Yordan Alvarez to David Ortiz.

A common thing to do in scouting is to draw comps for prospects to established players. In fact, scouts were making the Alvarez comparison to Ortiz before he played a single game in the MLB.

Fans of a team can either overvalue or undervalue their own players because they know them so well. Depending on the nature of the fan they either see all their warts or only see their successes. One way to overcome this is to apply the scouting comp logic based on statistics to draw the best comparison to a player that fan is not overly invested in.

That is what we will do here. If we took the current Astros and built a team of their most similar contemporary (having played since say 2017) players, how would we view THAT team and what does it tell us about the 2021/2022 Astros?

One way to do this is to use the similarity scores on Baseball Reference. They are described here (

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