GS1 Top 30 (End of 2021)

Sometimes a trade takes years to figure out the winner, and it's fun to debate all along the way.

Same for these kinds of lists, especially when folks place higher emphasis on tools versus, say, most clutch. Seems like there is every kind of grading system under the sun, many trying to show predictive quality. As I have noted before, when evaluating prospects, it's important to realize that a Taylor Jones is blocked in his primary positions, so a whole lot of luck is needed to find MLB innings. His tools may be overshadowed as the day is getting longer on his prime years.

Thus, these players that fit in a AAAA category may be able to make an average team's roster. Mike Stanton mentioned, it is a very difficult farm to graduate from to the big club, this Astros org. So, let's take a look at a list that includes what 2021 revealed to us. This top 30 combines tools with solid play among their peers. As other lists included Garza Castellanos Yohan Ramirez or Super Jack Mayfield, they are in retrospect organizational depth, and no team could finish a 162-game, plus playoff season without them.

Back in the day of coaching my son's football team, I had a nickname for each kid.

Numero Uno, Top Dog?

1.) Pedro "Tooled Up" Leon

2.) Jeremy "Glass of Wine" Pena

3.) Korey "Power Grit" Lee

4.) H -- "Freight Train" -- Brown

5.) Peter "Piper Pitchibility" Solomon

6.) Colin The Future Barber

7.) Forrest Arsenal Whitley

8.) Shawn Birds Nest Dubin

9.) Tyler Blessed Ivey

10.) Alex The Kid Santos

11.) Tyler Franchise Whitaker

12.) Miseal Lockdown Tamarez

13.) Joe Cleanup Perez

14.) Yainier Bombs Away Diaz

15.) Chayce Gunslinger McDermott

16.) Shay Versatility Whitcomb

17.) Matthew Thumper Barefoot

18.) Jonathan Cindarella Story Bermudez

19.) Luke For Cionel Berryhill

20.) Jimmy For Real Endersby

21.) Jaime Jaime Melendez

22.) Christian Howitzer Gonzales

23.) Scott Doughboy Manea

24.) Jojanse Vas Siete Torres

25.) JustinThunderbat Dirden

26.) Jonathan Flames Sprinkle

26.) Julio Hook Robaina

27.) Corey Joltin' Julks

28.) Enmanuel BagMan Valdez

29.) Marty PrimeTime Costes

30.) J.P. France, Surgeon

Close but no cigar crowd; JC Correa, Hensley, Matijevic, Elvis Garcia, Schrieber, Blanco, Arrighetti, McKenna, Brewer. Stubbs, Manea, Tejada, Hansen, Conine, Z Daniels, Lorenzo, S Martinez, Kouba, Mushinski, Tokar, Tavares, Record, Norel, Macuare, Luis Perez, Jimenez, Gruller

We're adding Will Wagner, but if him then why not Michael Sandle?

Fell off a cliff: Nova, Santana, Schroeder, Procopio, Paredes, Ty Brown, Serrano, Collado, McKee, L Henderson

Any list following up the previosuly will note that injury was the biggest culprit in most who took turns for the worst in the trajectory from 2020-2021. One might say Austin Hansen had control issues, but he also had severe injury that he tried to mount a comeback. Zach Daniels lost footing, Schroeder Santana Macaure all showed ealy flashes of brilliaince, yet ultimately fizzled. Who knows how many more chances will any of them get?