Nathan Eovaldi confirmed he doesn’t like Houston Astros ahead of ALCS

Seems like Boston Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi still clearly remember Houston Astros third baseman's, Alex Bregman, troll on social media before their playoff game some years back.

And despite not speaking clearly about the incident on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday morning, it showed that he and many fans and teams in the Major League Baseball still resent the Astros - a team he will be facing off against with the Boston Red Sox to claim a spot in the World Series.

Speaking on the show, he said via real money casinos online: "Yeah, they have a tendency of rubbing guys the wrong way. I don’t necessarily hate any team, but they’re not high up on my list."

Even the Astros are not expecting to be on many people's lists of respected teams in the MLB after news came out regarding their 2017 sign-stealing scandal (a scandal that the current Red Sox manager Alex Core was involved in).

Following the revelation of the scandal, the Houston Astros players were booed on many occasions by the fans with fans like Bregman and Jose Altuve receiving the most during road games this year for their past cheating operation that happened in the same year the team won the World Series.

In 2018, Bregman was noted to have trolled Eovaldi on Instagram before the clash of Astros and Red Sox in the 2018 ALCS by posting a video of Eovaldi giving up three home runs consecutively in a row against Houston that season while Eovaldi was a member of the Tampa Bay Rays at the time.

Co-host of The Greg Hill Show, Chris Curtis, asked the Red Sox pitcher, a potential starter in Game 1 of the 2021 ALCS if he has any dislike for the Houston team - three years after the trolling.

The Red Sox ace went around as he pointed out the fact that his team won that series on their way to the team's latest World Series title.
He responded, saying via best Australian online pokies: "It happened. I gave up three homers back-to-back-to-back. But we were able to come out on top in that series and hopefully we’ll do it again this time."

Eovaldi didn't fall behind as he scored one over Bregman in that series, striking him out with a 102-mph fastball that led to the then-Sox teammate David Price taunting back the Astros ace by writing, "Post that!" on a post.

The Boston Red Sox and Eovaldi will be hoping to get another chance to eliminate the Astros out of the World Series berth which will start on Friday.

Astros, on the other hand, doesn't really care about all that and only wants to get the World Series title in their hands to prove their doubters wrong this season.