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You’re the GM. Who goes on the ALDS Playoff Roster?

The Astro are in the playoffs for the fifth straight year. Who makes the 26-man roster?

Tampa Bay Rays v Houston Astros Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Thursday, October 7th the Astros begin yet another ALDS, their fifth one in five years. They take on the Chicago White Sox, who haven’t been there for quite a few years. AS of this writing it is still not known whether the Astros will have home field advantage.

Here’s your chance to match wits with your fellow TCBer’s. Who among us is as smart as Astros management? Who can deduce the 26-man Astros ALDS roster?

How many pitchers? How many relievers? Which ones stick? How many outfielders? How many catchers? So many decisions.

When the roster is announced the smart TCBer’s who pick the right roster will get a special article announcing their super-baseball intelligence.

For the sake of brevity let’s not list the following shoo-ins: McCullers, Valdez, L. Garcia, Urquidy, Graveman, Stanek, Pressly, Maldonado, Castro, Gurriel, Altuve, Correa, Bregman, Diaz, Brantley, Alvarez. Tucker.

Go Stros