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Astros 3 Discussion Items

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1.) The Off-season is still moving at a snails pace, but the Astros have recently been linked to a number of players. A quick search on MLBTR shows them as actively interested in: Yasiel Puig, Liam Hendricks, Alex Colome, Jason Castro, Oscar Colas, and obviously a myriad of rumors about potentially re-uniting with some fan favorites like Springer or Brantley. Although far from definitive, this seems to line up the knowledge that the Astros will look to reinforce the back end of their bullpen with an elite arm, and more than likely will end up with a buy-low type of candidate for OF. As the market evolves, who are the primary targets you would like to see the Astros pursue?

Roy Oswalt throws a pitch

2.) As most people know, the 2020 olympics were pushed back into 2021 due to everything going on in the world. With that said, baseball has been excluded from the Olympics from an extended period of time, but was scheduled to make an appearance in the 2020 olympics with an uncertainty for 2024 (it has since been announced that baseball will not be in 2024 olympics). While I’m certainly frustrated, especially with announcements of “sports” like breakdancing, skateboarding, surfing etc. - I wondered what your guys thoughts were? Do you follow the Olympics? Does the WBC feel like an adequate replacement? Did you feel pride when Roy Oswalt helped us take home in the gold in 2000?

Roger Clemens signs with the Houston Astros Photo by Brett Coomer/Getty Images

3.) If you could take any pitcher from Astros history and add them to the team today, who would you pursue? For clarification, we should only be basing this around their stats AS an Astro. Do you have any favorite memories or stories of this pitcher?