Proposed DH Changes

I hate the DH and always have, but pitchers never hit at any level, not even in college or high school. Some pitchers first at bats since little league are in bigs in the National League. It is time for the DH to be in both leagues.

However, I think the era of the dedicated slugger at designated hitter is over, not that it ever really existed with much success. The "new-school" DH model is a list of position players getting rest while still hitting. If you look at who occupied that position over the last few years, it was a second baseman here, a left fielder there, sprinkle in a dash of good-hitting catcher on an off day. Astros rotated players to give them days off in the field. Furthermore, Alvarez, Stanton, Martinez, Cruz, and Ohtani are really the only players that are more than average at the position and they all would rather play the field. Today MLB Channel discussed an idea that I am quite fond of and threw out to y'all a few years back. Tying the DH to the pitcher. Every time you change the pitcher you change the DH. I think this brings so much strategy back into the game. The double switch strategy might stay in effect in later innings, such moving the DH to the field so that he can still hit. It would make starting pitching very important for those teams with good hitters occupying the DH. If you look at the list of players in the DH position, most are replacement levelish anyway. You could still utilize the opener by inserting the starting pitcher as the DH and then make the change to a real hitter when the position comes up. Maybe throw the players union a carrot by expanding the roster by one player to allow a little more flexibility.

What do you guys think?