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George Springer had a one-in-a-million game on Sunday

The 31-year-old centerfielder stole a base and hit two home runs, including an inside-the-parker. That’s a game never seen before by Astros fans.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

If the Astros won on Sunday and finished the day with a winning record (27-26) for the first time since September 8, it was mostly thanks to what George Springer did at the plate. The centerfielder got three hits, including two home runs, and a stolen base.

But you gotta go deeper to appreciate how important was Springer’s performance not only to get the W, but in Astros history as well.

In the first, George began the game with a single and then stole his first base in 2020. Later, in the sixth, he put the team on the board with an inside-the-park home run. Right in the next inning, he sent the ball out of the park.

That way he became the only player in Astros history to swipe a bag and hit two four-baggers, with one of them being an inside-the-parker. To date, there have been 11 other Astros players to record two dingers and a steal in a game, but none of them registered an inside-the-parker.

Additionally, he’s the sixth Astro to hit multiple home runs inside the park, along with Ken Caminiti (5), Doug Rader (2), Sonny Jackson (2), César Cedeño (2), and Tim Bogar (2). This was also the sixth time a member of the team has hit that type of home run since 2010: Springer (2), Yuli Gurriel, José Altuve, Jon Singleton, and Carlos Correa.

This way, Springer keeps making history for the Astros and entering even more into the record books.

He’s also one homer away from becoming the second Astro in history with at least 20 leadoff dingers. Craig Biggio leads that department, with 23. Assuming the 31-year-old re-signs with Houston and he continues leading-off, he should break that record.

Assuming that too, he should climb in the multi-homer games department. As for now, including Sunday’s action, he’s enjoyed 14 games with at least two shots in his MLB career, that’s one behind Jim Wynn for fourth place. Then he’d look up to Biggio’s 16, Lance Berkman’s 25, and Jeff Bagwell’s 31 marks.