Astros off season moves

I know it is awfully early to talk about this but I am off schedule and unsure about the future this season.

Position Players

1) Catcher

Maldanato has been great this year. No reason to be concerned till 2022, at which time Lee should be a possible replacemen.

2) Bench Catcher

On the other hand Garneau has been acceptable and if an opportunity to upgrade presents itself it should be seriously considered.

3) 1st Base

Offer Gurriel a mutually friendly 2 years (he wants to stay on) and discuss options toward retirement. If no agreement can be reached Toro is the obvious internal option here. He will get enough at bats this season to make an informed decision during the off season.

4) 2nd Base

Altuve is signed through 2024, check in to make sure he is happy, healthy, and wishes to continue.

5) Short Stop

Every reasonable effort should be made to extend Correa. That being said, the Astros would not lose a step by moving Bregman to SS in 2022.

6) 3rd Base

Do a check in with Bregman, discuss a potential move to Short Stop in 22 if Pena is not ready by then.

7) Bench Infielder

Diaz is fine but has missed a lot of time and is getting pricey for an injury prone bench player. Look for a trade, otherwise consider making him a non tender candidate if a reasonable replacement is readily available.

8) Versatile Bench

This is Straws position for now by virtue of his ability to cover multiple IF and OF positions.

9) Right Field Brian De La Cruz may be the best internal option here. The free agent market looks weak and overpriced but a one year contract should be all that is needed.

10) Center Field

If Springer does not re-sign make him a qualifying offer and plan to convert Tucker. Tucker has what it will take to field the position and should be up to speed in fairly short order.

11) Left Field

As with Gurriel offer Brantley a mutually friendly 2 years and discuss options toward retirement. If no agreement can be reached plan to use Yordan"New Knees"Alvarez. In Left till Pedro Leon is ready.

12) Outfield Bench

No obvious internal option exists if De La Cruz is in RF this may be a place where a trade can be used to fill the position. Consider trading relievers J James C Sneed and or C Perez.

13) Designated Hitter

If the convalescence has gone well Alvarez should be fine, but may be manning left field. A full time DH with a lesser bat just blocks up the line-up. Rotate regular position and bench players at DH to get the best match ups every game till Alvarez is back where he belongs.

13-a) Bench Bat (if needed)

If Alvarez is in left field an extra bat would be nice to have. One that can cover RF even better.

What is your take.