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SB Nation Reacts: Who is the best legacy player in baseball?

And other 2020 notes.

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San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Astros fans, sign up HERE to join Reacts.

The 2020 season has been a crazy and wild ride so far. The ongoing pandemic is obviously the biggest news around the sport right now, but there are other points of interest. For example, the crop of young stars that are emerging across the league.

To add to the intrigue is that some of these young stars have a family connection to past generations who also played in the majors. Astros fans know the feeling right now as Cavan Biggio, the son of Hall of Famer Craig Biggio, currently plays for the Blue Jays. Odds are that someone in your family rooted for the same last name decades earlier. This week, fans were asked to vote for which player of this new generation is the best legacy player.

And the winner is Fernando Tatis Jr. of the Padres. Can’t say I disagree with the selection as the star-in-the-making shortstop for San Diego figures to be a key contributor to a young, yet exciting club. Any time a hitter is tied with Mike Trout and Aaron Judge stop the hike run leaderboards, just know that they’re are doing something, or everything, right.

Fans were also asked to vote for the most ridiculous early season stat in 2020. And there are some crazy ones.

It was somewhat close, yet the voters found Charlie Blackmon’s .458 batting average at the time as the most ridiculous. Got to say that Shane Bieber’s start to the season in terms of strikeouts is also pretty crazy. Not really a wrong answer there even though a .400 or higher batting average in a single season, no matter how short, will draw the majority of the attention.

Thanks to this year’s shortened season, we’re going to see some interesting final stat lines by the end of the season. Well, if it actually happens. But ninety percent of the fans are optimistic that less than half the league will have to miss a series this season due to COVID-19.

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