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SB Nation Reacts: Let’s Talk Rivalries

A run of success, and a sign-stealing scandal, has put the Astros high on the list of teams to dislike.

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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A 60-game season in 2020 only heightens the importance to perform well within the division. After all, Astros fans may recall how a 6-13 record against the Rangers cost the team an AL West division title back in 2015. Perform well within the division and the odds of success over the course of a season should rise.

Success also drives rivalries among opposing fanbases. Whether those rivalries are built upon envy, mutual respect, general dislike, or some combination, success has a way to drive those hard feelings to new heights.

Throw in a sign-stealing scandal and **checks Twitter** you’ll see that vitriol take a turn for the worst.

Most, if not all, teams biggest rival also occurs within the division. Back in their NL Central days, the Astros biggest rival was arguably the Cardinals. But now in the AL West, that “honor” likely belongs to the in-state rival of the Rangers.

Nearly 40 percent of the votes chose the fans of that rival as the reason why they mostly dislike that team.

**Checks Twitter again**

Um, yeah, that checks out.

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