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Fans are siding with players during these contentious negotiations

An ongoing labor dispute threatens a potential 2020 season.

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An official Rawlings Major League Baseball for the 2020 Major League Baseball season. Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

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Team owners and players now appear to be at an impasse in their negotiations to play baseball this year, much less by early July as originally hoped. Salary cuts and the number of games are the primary roadblock in this contentious labor dispute. That said, fans are siding with the players over the owners at 66 percent as it pertains to requests. Only 22 percent voted the players as unreasonable in their requests while 36 percent state the same about owners.

Roughly 55 percent of fans who voted are fine with players reasonably sacrificing at least 30 percent of their salary in 2020. Another classic billionaire versus millionaire debate in baseball.

Fans are also less optimistic about the season starting in early July at 58 percent than they were just a few weeks ago at 69 percent. Count me in this group, unfortunately.

If an early July start date is still the ultimate hope, both sides better get their butts into gear as players will need a couple of weeks to prepare for a shortened season. The next week of negotiations may go a long way in determining if a season happens. Let’s face it that a 50 game season makes little sense for anyone.

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