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The TCB Starting Nine Drafts Competing Astros Best of All-Time Teams. Round 2

The teams are taking shape. One more round to go.

MLB: World Series-Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Starting Nine (OK Five), Cody Poage, Mhatter, bilbos, Theo and Hebrew Hammah, held the second round of their draft for the greatest Astros teams of all time. They picked the second set of five players, for a total of ten so far. One more round of five picks remains.

Here are the results of the first round

Here are the teams for each GM as they stand at this time. The 6th through 10th picks in each list are the ones picked in order in the second round. The second round began with HH, who was fifth in the first round.

A. HH.

  1. Gerrit Cole, 2. Justin Verlander, 3. Cesar Cedeno, 4. Billy Wagner, 5. Jeff Kent, 6. Steve Finley, 7. Richard Hidalgo, 8. Cliff Johnson, 9. Lance McCullers, 10. Ken Giles

B. Theo

  1. Roy Oswalt, 2. Lance Berkman, 3. Jose Cruz, 4. Jimmy Wynn, 5. Joe Morgan, 6. Don Wilson, 7. Morgan Ensberg, 8. Mike Cuellar, 9. Rusty Staub, 10. Octavio Dotel

C. bilbos

  1. Jose Altuve, 2. Roger Clemens, 3. Larry Dierker, 4. George Springer, 5. Carl Everett, 6. Billy Doran, 7. Bob Watson, 8. Danny Darwin, 9. Mike Hampton, 10. Kevin Bass

D. mhatter

  1. Craig Biggio, 2. Alex Bregman, 3. Mike Scott, 4. Nolan Ryan, 5. Dickie Thon, 6. Andy Pettite, 7. Glen Davis, 8 Michael Bourne, 9. Terry Puhl, 10. Luis Gonzales

E. Cody Poage

  1. Jeff Bagwell, 2. J.R. Richard, 3. Carlos Correa, 4. Dallas Keuchel, 5. Moises Alou, 6. Ken Caminiti, 7. Dave Smith 8. Brad Lidge, 9. Hunter Pence, 10. Charlie Morton

Here is the order of the picks in the second round.

26. Steve Finley, HH

27. Don Wilson, Theo

28. Billy Doran, bilbos

29. Andy Pettite, mhatter

30. Ken Caminiti, Cody

31. Dave Smith, Cody

32. Glen Davis, mhatter

33. Bob Watson, bilbos

34. Morgan Ensberg, Theo

35. Richard Hidalgo, HH

36. Cliff Johnson, HH

37. Mike Cuellar, Theo

38. Danny Darwin, bilbos

39. Michael Bourne, mhatter

40. Brad Lidge, Cody

41. Hunter Pence, Cody

42. Terry Puhl, mhatter

43. Mike Hampton, bilbos

44. Rusty Staub, Theo

45. Lance McCullers, HH

46. Ken Giles, HH

47. Octavio Dotel, Theo

48. Kevin Bass, bilbos

49. Luis Gonzales, mhatter

50. Charlie Morton, Cody