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The TCB Starting Nine Best of All-Time Astros Teams.

The rosters are set. Let the sim games begin!

MLB: Houston Astros-Championship Parade Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Starting nine GM’s ( Cody Poage, Mhatter, bilbos, Theo and Hebrew Hammah) finalized their rosters for the competing Astros Best of All-Time teams. The third and final round of five picks were made, completing the rosters comprised of eight position players, one DH, and six pitchers.

Below are the final rosters in the order in which they were picked by each respective GM.

Study these teams. A poll of which one is the best will be forthcoming. But first each GM will explain the rationale of his drafting process. We will then announce the winning team by the sum of the average bWAR of each player. Then, we will enact a simulated double elimination tournament using the OOTP simulation program.

A.. Cody Poage

1. 1B Jeff Bagwell, 2. P J.R. Richard, 3. SS Carlos Correa, 4. P Dallas Keuchel, 5. OF Moises Alou, 6. 3B Ken Caminiti, 7. P Dave Smith 8. P Brad Lidge, 9. OF Hunter Pence, 10. P Charlie Morton, 11. P Joe Sambito, 12. C Jason Castro, 13. 2B Art Howe, 14. OF Derek Bell, 15. DH Carlos Lee

B. mhatter

1. 2B Craig Biggio, 2. 3B Alex Bregman, 3. P Mike Scott, 4. P Nolan Ryan, 5. SS Dickie Thon, 6. P Andy Pettite, 7. 1B Glen Davis, 8 OF Michael Bourne, 9. OF Terry Puhl, 10. OF Luis Gonzales, 11. P Joe Niekro, 12. DH Doug Radar, 13. P Darryl Kile, 14. Turk Farrell, 15. C Brian McCann

C. bilbos

1. DH Jose Altuve, 2. P Roger Clemens, 3. P Larry Dierker, 4. OF George Springer, 5. OF Carl Everett, 6. 2B Billy Doran, 7. 1B Bob Watson, 8. P Danny Darwin, 9. P Mike Hampton, 10. OF Kevin Bass, 11. P Shane Reynolds, 12. C. Brad Ausmus, 13. 3B Phil Garner, 14. P Larry Anderson, 15. SS Miguel Tejada

D. Theo

1. P Roy Oswalt, 2. OF Lance Berkman, 3. OF Jose Cruz, 4. OF Jimmy Wynn, 5. 2B Joe Morgan, 6. P Don Wilson, 7. 3B Morgan Ensberg, 8. P Mike Cuellar, 9. DH Rusty Staub, 10. P Octavio Dotel, 11. 1B Yuli Gurriel, 12. SS Marwin Gonzalez, 13. C Alan Ashby, 14. P Ken Forsch, 15. P Wade Miller

E. HH.

1. P Gerrit Cole, 2. P Justin Verlander, 3. OF Cesar Cedeno, 4. P Billy Wagner, 5. 2B Jeff Kent, 6. OF Steve Finley, 7. DH Richard Hidalgo, 8. C Cliff Johnson, 9. P Lance McCullers, 10. P Ken Giles, 11. OF Luke Scott, 12. SS Adam Everett, 13. P Will Harris, 14. 1B Lee May, 15. 3B Geoff Blum

The picks were in this order:

51. Joe Sambito, Cody

52. Joe Niekro, mhatter

53. Shane Reynolds, bilbos

54. Yuli Gurriel, Theo

55. Luke Scott, HH

56. Adam Everett, HH

57. Marwin Gonzalez, Theo

58. Brad Ausmus, bilbos

59. Doug Rader, mhatter

60. Jason Castro, Cody

61. Art Howe, Cody

62. Darryl Kile, mhatter

63. Phil Garner, bilbos

64. Alan Ashby, Theo

65. Will Harris, HH

66. Lee May, HH

67. Ken Forsch, Theo

68. Larry Anderson, bilbos

69. Turk Farrell, mhatter

70. Derek Bell, Cody

71. Carlos Lee, Cody

72. Brian McCann, mhatter

73. Miguel Tejada, bilbos

74. Wade Miller, Theo

75. Geoff Blum, HH