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The TCB Starting Nine Drafts Competing Astros Best of All-Time Teams

Who will pick the best Astros team?

MLB: World Series-Washington Nationals at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The world just keeps getting weirder and weirder. And there’s no baseball to forget it all. But we at The Crawfish Boxes thought we would explore another angle for celebrating our favorite team. We decided to test our talents as wannabe GM’s and hold a mock draft to see who could draft the best Astros team among the Astros’ all-time greats.

The five GM’s vying for dominance are, in order of drafting:

Cody Poage




Hebrew Hammah

We are going to pick nine position players, one will be the Designated Hitter. There will be six pitchers. The players must have been Astros for two complete seasons, and when we establish our teams we have to fill every fielding position with players who have played the position they are assigned to for two years.

At the end of the exercise we will calculate which team had the highest bWAR based on the team total of the average of the five best consecutive years of each player as Astros. Or, Astros career averages of each player if he has played less than five years with the Astros. For example, we will count the average of Craig Biggio’s best five consecutive years to the team total, but the average of Gerrit Cole’s two years to the total.

Last night we picked our first five players. Two more draft rounds remain. The draft order was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1.....

Here are each GM’s picks in order 1-5.

A. Cody Poage:

  1. Jeff Bagwell 2. J. R. Richard 3. Carlos Correa 4. Dallas Keuchel 5. Moises Alou

B. Mhatter:

  1. Craig Biggio 2. Alex Bregman 3. Mike Scott 4. Nolan Ryan 5. Dickie Thon

C. bilbos:

  1. Jose Altuve 2. Roger Clemens 3. Larry Dierker 4. George Springer 5. Carl Everett

D. Theo

  1. Roy Oswalt 2. Lance Berkman 3. Jose Cruz 4. Jimmy Wynn 5. Joe Morgan

E. Hebrew Hammah

  1. Gerrit Cole 2. Justin Verlander 3. Cesar Cedeno 4. Billy Wagner 5. Jeff Kent

So here is the order in which the players were picked.:

  1. Jeff Bagwell, Cody 1B
  2. Craig Biggio, hatter 2B, Catcher, OF
  3. Jose Altuve, bilbos 2B
  4. Roy Oswalt, Theo P
  5. Gerrit Cole, HH P
  6. Justin Verlander, HH P
  7. Lance Berkman, Theo 1B, OF
  8. Roger Clemens, bilbos P
  9. Alex Bregman, hatter 3B
  10. J.R. Ricahrd, Cody P
  11. Carlos Correa, Cody SS
  12. Mike Scott, hatter P
  13. Larry Dierker, bilbos P
  14. Jose Cruz, Theo OF
  15. Cesar Cedeno, HH OF
  16. Billy Wagner, HH P
  17. Jimmy Wynn, Theo OF
  18. George Springer, bilbos OF
  19. Nolan Ryan, hatter P
  20. Dallas Keuchel, Cody P
  21. Moises Alou, Cody OF
  22. Dickie Thon, hatter SS
  23. Carl Everett, bilbos OF
  24. Joe Morgan, Theo 2B
  25. Jeff Kent, HH 2B

Tell us how stupid our picks are in the comments below.