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Fans lack confidence in Rob Manfred

The commissioner of Major League Baseball may not win a popularity contest anytime soon.

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The debate is ongoing among the various power brokers in baseball about whether there’ll be a 2020 Major League season. Although there are numerous factors to consider with these negotiations, protecting the health of all parties during a pandemic ought to be the primary, and most urgent, concern.

But would you, the fan, feel comfortable with starting a season if you were a player?

Fans are obviously hungry for live baseball, but the results shift the other way when asked if they would feel comfortable attending a game this year. That said, it is rather doubtful at this point whether we’ll see any fans at baseball games in the near future, if there is a season at all.

While fans are expressing some optimism that actual games will be played this season, confidence appears to be lacking for Major League Baseball’s leadership. Well, namely for commissioner Rob Manfred.

Manfred’s handling of the sign-stealing saga of the Astros, and to a lesser degree with the Red Sox, during the offseason has left much to be desired among the fans of the sport. Throw in the plans to contract both the minor leagues and the MLB Draft, the commissioner has arguably become more disliked than his predecessor, Bud Selig. That’s hard to do.

Overall, the majority of fans don’t appear to trust much, if anything, about Manfred right now. Can’t say I blame them.

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