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Astros: 3 Discussion Items

Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

1.) Shortened Season impact on HoF Cases

I started thinking who is impacted the most by the loss of playing time, and there’s a clear argument for players that are coming up to Free Agency. It did lead me to think some of those borderline HoF cases and how this takes a chunk of a season away from them. Zack Greinke would be one of those players.

Greinke’s career stats: 205-123, 3.35 ERA (3.38 FIP), 60.5 WAR 8.22 K/9, 2.09 BB/9, 2,872 IP

Greinke has averaged 15 wins per season, it’s interesting as the half season may have him fall short of 250 wins, although it may keep his rate stats boosted.

Which players do you think are on the border of a HoF case and how big of an impact do you think losing half a season will have on their chances?

2.) MLB vs MLBPA - Financial Debates

If you haven’t kept up, there’s a storm brewing between owners and the players association again as the Owners requested to pay players less than the pro-rated amount based on the number of games due to financial losses from a COVID perspective. And while tensions have been fairly consistent over the past few years, there will be a new dynamic at play. Additionally, there are players who have stated they would be unwilling to start playing again due to the safety risks. There’s a lot to both sides of this topic, and we may do an article to explore it in more depth, but let us know your thoughts!

3.) Who are your break out picks for 2020?

Maybe it’s Jose Altuve and another MVP caliber year or Bregman finally taking that mantle. It could be a Josh James or Forrest Whitley putting it all together. Maybe Kyle Tucker finally becomes the All-Star caliber player we were hopeful for. From star player to unknown prospect, let us know your bold prediction!