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Astros Uniforms Through History. Part VIII

The Championship Unis

MLB: Spring Training-New York Mets at Houston Astros Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This is the eighth in a series of articles describing the various uniforms of the Houston Astros, the performance of the team during each uniform era, and the best individual performers in each uniform. It was originally published by SB Nation in 2013 and written by Cliff Corcoran.

Throwbacks: 2013 and beyond

The new Astros uniforms counter the team’s move to the American League by anchoring its appearance in the past, bringing back navy and orange as the teams’ primary colors and the H-on-star design as the team’s primary insignia. Both the navy and orange H-on-star caps are back, albeit with some updates in shading and a new orange-brimmed, navy-crowned alternate. The home and away jerseys both use the original block-font (“Astros” home, “Houston” away) from the Colt .45s’ road jerseys in navy outlined in orange, just as the Colts had it, adding only numbers on the lower left abdomen and piping on the sleeves, pants, and yolk (orange on the home whites, blue on the road grays and orange alternates which outline the blue text in white). The new batting practice caps and jerseys, meanwhile, subtly sneak in the tequila sunrise stripes. I applaud the decision to echo the Blue Jays in incorporating the franchise’s sartorial past, but the end result has a disappointing lack of character, one that I hope and assume will be resolved in subsequent tweaks. As for who the best player to wear this uniform set might be, they are,

Top position WAR 2013-present:

Jose Altuve, 34.7 bWAR

George Springer. 25.4 bWAR

Top Pitcher by WAR:

Dallas Keuchel 20.1 bWAR