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Opening Day in early July?

The proposal from owners would start the 2020 campaign in less than two months.

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New York Mets v Houston Astros Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

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The ongoing pandemic has obviously thrown the world into complete disarray. Baseball, as with every other industry, has been greatly affected in recent months and will continue to be in the near future. The ramifications of a lost or shortened season are weighing heavily on the minds of the league, club owners, players, and fans.

Club owners, however, are reportedly hopeful for a start to the 2020 season by early July. Based on the fans surveyed, 69 percent also share that optimism for a start date in less than two months. The July 4th weekend is viewed as a possible start date to the season.

But the current plan under negotiation would see the season shortened to just 82 games. The season would ultimately conclude in November. About 60 percent of fans support the notion of a season with at least 81 games for a 2020 campaign to be meaningful.

Fans at 63 percent of the vote are even expecting the 2021 season to be affected by the changes enacted this year. Needless to say that no matter the decision, the 2020 season will greatly impact how Major League Baseball operates in the near future.

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For the record, this is the thing that was, for a time, called FanPulse. It’s now called Reacts. I hope the enthusiastic response to reading this caused a reaction that increased your pulse. The excitement is palpable.