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“Astroball” Revisited. Podcast with Ben Reiter and Bilbos

London based podcast hosted by Phil Stone and Steve Klein about Ben Reiter’s Astroball in light of the cheating scandal

From 2011 through 2013 the Astros were the worst team in baseball all three years. They were the only MLB baseball team in history to have the worst record for three consecutive years. In 2014 they were only slightly better, and yet Sports Illustrated writer Ben Reiter proclaimed on the front page that these same “Lastros” would be World Series Champions as early as 2017.

The rest is History.

Ben Reiter, the prophet whose outlandish prediction became reality, had studied the phenomenon of the Astros rebuild up close and from the inside. He found something new and unique behind the surprising success of the Astros organization under Jeff Luhnow, something he called Astroball.

His book was both analytical and celebratory, with a story applicable to other sports franchises, and even businesses outside the realm of sports.

And then the sign stealing scandal. Was Astroball a hoax? Was the rebuild a giant scam?

In the following podcast for about the first 25 minutes Ben Reiter answers this question. In the second half yours truly talks with the London based hosts about the Astros, Astroball, and how the cheating scandal affects the legacy of the World Champion 2017 Astros.

Get to the podcast HERE.