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3 Astros Discussion Topics

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics

1.) What is the most devastating pitch you’ve seen an Astro throw?

I asked this on twitter the other day, here were a few of the responses - let us know yours!

2.) With the changes to the rules this year limiting or eliminating the value of LOOGY’s and the addition of a 26th spot, what ideas do you have for the new added flexibility in roster spots?

Do you think this will increase the number of Jake Marisnick / Myles Straw type - super speedsters with defensive replacement value? Does this inherently change their market value in your mind? Does this further drive the Opener / shorter inning style of play?

3.) Where do you project the Astros to finish the year?

Here are some other sites preditctions for the Astros: +

Fangraphs: 97-65, 1st in division,best record in baseball

PECOTA (BP): 98.2-63.8, 1st in division, 2nd best record (Dodgers 102.4)

Rotochamps: 98-64, 1st in division, 2nd best record (Dodgers #1)

Thelines: 95.5-94.5, 1st in division, 3rd best record (Dodgers/Yanks tied 100.5)

Bettingpros: 91.3-70.7, 1st in division, 6th best record