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March Madness: Round 2 Recap & Round 3 Matchups

As we continue our journey through the March Madness: All-Time Favorite Astro, we get down to some heart breaking decisions this round.

Let’s take a look at the results from last round:

Bagwell vs Oswalt

Both races ended up extremely in Bagwell’s favor. Oswalt is one of my all-time favorites and I hate to see him knocked out this early but there’s a legitimate argument that Bagwell is the best player in Astros history by leaps and bounds.

Twitter and TCB agreed and were within 6% of each other. Glad to see Oswalt get some love even in this match up.

Craig Biggio vs Larry Dierker

Biggio came in as the heavy favorite. Dierker had a legendary career in multiple aspects with the Astros but simply couldn’t match up against Craig Biggio.

Twitter and TCB agreed, with Twitter leaning more in Biggio’s favorite but still only a few percentage points off comparatively.

Jose Cruz vs Jose Altuve

Although the numbers show a Altuve won this easily, this was one of the more difficult decisions for quite a few fans.

Nolan Ryan vs Mike Scott

Nolan Ryan was definitely the heavyweight going into this battle, given his overall career and continued involvement with the Astros since. With that said, I think Bilbos arguments actually pointed to Scott being potentially more valuable to the Astros. There was a 16% difference in the TCB vs Twitter vote, but they did agree.

Justin Verlander vs Lance Berkman

This one was far more interesting. Not only did Twitter and TCB have different winners but their votes were VERY different. Last round we had 2 different matches go different ways, but they were within a couple percentage points.

It’s interesting, I wonder if average age, or the carrying the Astros to the World Series were the deciding factors. Maybe the fact that Verlander can still continue to contribute but has already been such a significant factor in Astros lore.

Springer vs Morton

Charlie Freakin’ Morton didn’t have quite enough juice to overcome Springer this round. In an epic match up of World Series MVP’s - Springer’s contribution and length/activeness with the Astros pulled through. Both are great players, and I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one who had pause of cutting off Morton.

This one received by far the biggest social outcry of people not wanting to decide, even Collin McHugh’s wife Ashley, who ultimately awarded it to Morton since his 2017 performance wasn’t tainted by the scandal.

Wagner vs Yordan or Kile

After a split in voting last round, Wagner sweeps the competition to clean up the bracket to a unified winner. Wagner won handily in both, but interestingly Alvarez still carried a pretty strong 30% for his short tenure on the Astros.

Alex Bregman vs Michael Brantley or Geoff Blum

Again after a split vote, Bregman cleans up the bracket with a good sweep. Brantley got crushed, and Blum held out a solid 19% of the vote. Although his activity and some recaps of his plays always help!

In the next round we have some HARD decisions coming up

Day 1

Bagwell vs Biggio

Springer vs Berkman / Verlander

Day 2

Altuve vs Ryan

Bregman vs Wagner