Astros Top 70 Prospects

Continuing findings from June, September and February, this query expands to players who have a legitimate shot of progressing toward major league careers. Those who have been left off the list may not be projectible at this point.

An unrivaled player development program Luhnow's scouts helped to stocked full with players like Jack Mayfield, and Alex De Goti. Acquired for a song and coached right up, they won't make this list, yet they will provide ample depth as solid placeholders for the up-and-comers. Unfortunately with shrinking pools of MiLB teams, many will not be able to carve out enough playing time in this outfit.

A robust debate rages over ranking philosophies, discussed often on Rotographs, for example. Ever so slightly, this author chooses a tack of ranking higher a player who has accomplished his goals; answered pertinent questions, before a marginally higher upside. An example here may be Pena just ahead of Nova, whereas Callis; and the Fangraphs staff may differ themselves. Collaborative efforts of resident Astros prospect wizards, Spencer Morris and Jimmy Price keep us well-informed.

The Astros system has taken a hit in overall rankings, though Top 15 is within reach after a Pedro Leon addition, or Whitley rebound. Let's see how some have made strides, some held fast and some on the skids.


1.) Forrest Whitley - ToR potential, playing into Astro hands to debut in June. Elite arsenal. Considering moving Whitley to 60 FV based on command woes.

2.) Bryan Abreu - Frontline and Startery in question, or Hi Lev bullpen comps. Elite curve, flashed poor command.

3.) Jose Urquidy - Pushing top ranks, poise, mettle, control, excellent change up.

4.) Abe Toro - Solid talent, switch-hit, big arm, blocked at MLB 3B/1B. In HOU, his fate lies in balance of Gurriel, and Diaz futures first.

5.) Tyler Ivey - SP3 upside in camp hitting 96. Throws strikes and successful at every level, AAA awaits.

6.) Jairo Solis - Rebounding in a big way toward previous path intact. SP2 upside. All eyes on him.

7.) Jeremy Pena - Slick fielding, pedigreed, needs seasoning at plate. late-2021 expected.

8.) Cristian Javier - Polarizing without top end velo, yet deceptive with life.

9.) Brandon Bielak - Consistent enough for BoR in HOU, late-2020 ETA.

10.) Korey Lee - A nice blend of athleticism, others are higher on Lee.

11.) Luis H. Garcia - Aggressive rank, led all MiLB K/9, possible relief profile.

12.) Jordan Brewer - Speed kills, power potential.

13.) Enoli Paredes - Control refinement keeps him from MoR, the stuff/velo electric.

14.) Freudis Nova - Power questions to stay at SS, still young enough age 20 in A+.

15.) Hunter Brown - Opened eyes last Fall with easy 98 mph.

16.) Jojanse Torres - Hard throwing, "Vas sieta" - can he remain a starter?

17.) Grae Kessinger - Glove first, excellent pedigree, plays all over the dirt.

18.) Shawn Dubin - Meteoric rise accompanies high spin rate, wipeout slider.

19.) Brett Conine - Elite change up, fastball on average side.

20.) Garrett Stubbs - Four tools and intangibles. Contact seeks power.

21.) Colin Barber - Toolsy with speed, quick hands, "best OF in system".

22.) Rogelio Armenteros - Relies on deception and full arsenal, holding steady.

23.) Dauri Lorenzo - Switchy, hit over power, multi-positional.

24.) Chas McCormick - Overachiever, plate discipline & control, pop and contact.

25.) Nivaldo Rodriguez - Thought of highly to 40-man, came into camp sharp, age 23 AA.

26.) Jairo Lopez - Out of the Astros mold of smallish, hi spin, advanced for age.

27.) Taylor Jones - Adds 3B/1B to better batted ball advances.

28.) Blake Taylor - Features swing and miss, hi spin and riding life.

29.) J.A. Rivera - Hi velo, secondaries are promising.

30.) Carlos Sanabria - Intelligent, coachable, sits 95, breakout candidate.

31. Peter Solomon, 32. Ronnie Dawson, 33. Blair Henley (prev. B. Bailey), 34. Austin Hansen, 35. Nathan Perry, 36. Valente Bellozo, 37. J.J. Matijevic, 38. Manny Ramirez, 39. Colton Shaver, 40. Ryan Gusto.

41. Angel Macuare, 42. Bryan De la Cruz, 43. Colin McKee, 44. Chandler Taylor, 45. Andre Scrubb, 46. Willie Collado, 47. C.J. Stubbs (prev. P. Battenfield), 48. Corey Julks, 49. Nick Tanielu, 50. Joe Perez. 51. Julio Robaina, 52. *Brett Adcock, 53. JP Lopez, 54. Jake Adams, 55. Jake Meyers, 56. Luis Santana, 57. Drew Ferguson, 58. Ralph Garza, Jr., 59. Jeremy Molero.

Grab Bag #60. Osvaldo Duarte, Brett Daniels, Cody Deason, Chad Donato, Parker Mushinski, Franny Cobos, Garrett Gayle, Yeremi Caballos, Alfredi Jimenez, Alex Palmer, Humberto Castellanos, RJ Freure, Ryan Hartman, James Nix, Alex McKenna, Yohander Martinez, Matt Barefoot, Marty Costes, Michael Papierski, Yimmi Cortabarria.