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TCB’s March Madness: Round 1 Results and Round 2 Preview

Well after some tough choices last round, we have our top 16. We ran the voting on both Twitter and on the TCB website, interestingly most of the selections were the same, but there were 2 votes that did not turn out the same way on twitter as they did on TCB. After discussions of how to handle it, Hatter convinced me to run them side by side.

Here is the updated bracket. As you can see the 2 votes that didn’t come to the same conclusion were the Darryl Kile / Yordan Alvarez battle and the Geoff Blum / Michael Brantley battle. Here were the results for each:

As you can see, both sets were extremely close votes.

We will host (4) Play-offs tomorrow, and (4) the following day. Here is our schedule:


Jeff Bagwell vs Roy Oswalt

Jose Cruz vs Jose Altuve

Justin Verlander vs Lance Berkman

Darryl Kile vs Billy Wagner


Craig Biggio vs Larry Dierker

Nolan Ryan vs Mike Scott

George Springer vs Charlie Morton

Alex Bregman vs Michael Brantley

The twitter voting will commence today, TCB’s voting will take place in each of the 2 articles. Get your predictions and arguments in early so that you have a chance to convince the voters before the polls open. Some of the best comments will be used in the article advocating for each player!