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MLB Suspends Operations due to Coronavirus Concerns, Delays Opening Day Two Weeks (Updated)

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the sporting world canceling or postponing most of its games, and it looks as though MLB will follow suit

Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

After a meeting earlier today, MLB has reportedly agreed that it will suspend all operations over concerns about the growing outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the United States. Manfred is expected to hold a conference call with all 30 owners later today after which an official announcement will come, but respected baseball reporters such as Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan have already reported the expected suspension. The status of the Opening Day has not been confirmed as of this moment, but is also expected be delayed.

This move comes after the NBA, NHL, and MLS have all announced similar suspensions. College sports have also been moving to limit large gatherings of fans or to cancel tournaments as the country moves to limit the spread. While I’m sure a number of people are eminently disappointed in this news, it is important to remember that sports are sports but people are people and far more important. You can quote mortality rates all you want but that means nothing when someone you love and care about gets sick.

TCB will try and update this as news becomes available, but for the moment consider this an open thread on the suspension of league operations.

UPDATE: MLB has officially announced the cancellation of the rest of Spring Training games and will delay Opening Day by at least 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, teams are still in discussion on how they will proceed with training now that games are cancelled. Players are holding tight in their Spring Training camps for the moment, according to Jon Heyman.

UPDATE: MiLB has announced that it will also be suspending the beginning of its season: