What To Do with Freudis Nova?

Once compared to Hanley Ramirez, the young prospect age 20 season is likely to be testing his skills in Fayettville Woodpecker uniform this year. With a little luck, he starts finding some power, smoothing along on a Jonathan Arauz track, the Astros may have something in December when deciding whether to roster the former bonus baby.

The burning questions. Will he follow in the Mier to Ovando to Sierra path? Will the other internationals instead, Dauri Lorenzo, and Pedro Leon blaze their own trail?

What if we looked at Nova's receding value, and since the team has other middle infielders on the rise, perhaps it's a good time to trade.

Reddick, Toro, Nova, Armenteros, Santana pays for Josh's contract, and might fetch

Chris Hermann, and Rays #20, Joe Ryan