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The new Astros Nike t-shirts and Jerseys have officially dropped

Spring is springing. So are Springer, Altuve and Bregman. Be the first to show your support for the 2020 Astros as they seek another World Championship.

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When the going gets tough, the Astros get going.

Let’s be honest. It’s been a brutal off-season for the Astros. Allegations. Penalties. Firings. New management.

If you’re an Astros player, or fan for that matter, it feels like you’ve been under an artillery barrage of accusations all winter.

But when the Spring comes, the only words that matter are: PLAY BALL.

And when it counts, the Greats do all their talking with their bats and gloves ON THE FIELD.

The Greats, like Jose Altuve, George Springer, and our own Alexander the Great, Alex Bregman.

They will not back down. They are more focused and determined than ever before to carry another championship trophy back to Houston.

Are you with them?

Celebrate your favorite Stros with one of these fine Nike t-shirts or replica Jerseys starting from $35. Just click on the shirt(s) you like below for more details on how to order. Don’t wait. Free shipping, but only until this SATURDAY NIGHT.

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