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TCB on the Take It Easy podcast

Covering many key Astros topics with Kyle Ledbetter of the Take It Easy podcast

American League Championship Series Game 6: Tampa Bay Rays v. Houston Astros Photo by Matt Thomas/MLB Photos via Getty Images

More than a week ago, I went on the Take It Easy podcast with Kyle Ledbetter and discussed various Astros topics, chief among them being the possibility of a Carlos Correa extension or trade, as well as the crossroads the Astros face a year from now, when several core players will be free agents. We also briefly touched base on 2021 itself and how the Astros will likely be the favorites to win the AL West.

Other talking points include George Springer and Michael Brantley, the free-agent market, Game 7 of the 2019 World Series, the state of the Astros’ rotation and how recent trades have left the Astros’ farm in a state of repair.

I will note that this was all recorded before the non-tender deadline.

The interview itself is about 25 minutes long and begins at the 37:40 mark. I’d like to thank Kyle for having me on.

Check it out here.