2021: Astros Top 30 Prospects

Astros development turned out fifteen debuts in 2020. Not too shabby for the 28th ranked system in baseball, according to Baseball America.. Some of the fellas exceeded expectations, and have earned contracts for the 2021 season.

Let's take a look where they finished just before they jettisoned onto the big Club. (courtesy TCB)

Forrest Whitley Suspended 50 Games - The Crawfish Boxes

Top 30 (Updated Jan. 12)

1. Forrest Whitley

2. Hunter Brown
3. Luis H. Garcia

4. Jeremy Pena

5. Korey Lee
6. Jairo Solis

7. Bryan Abreu
8. Freudis Nova
9. Alex Santos

10. Jojanse Torres

11. Tyler Ivey

12. Colin Barber
13. Jordan Brewer

14. Zach Daniels

15. Pete Solomon

16. Dauri Lorenzo
17. Grae Kessinger
18. Tyler Brown
19. Brett Conine

20. Chas McCormick

21. Taylor Jones
22. Nivaldo Rodriguez

23. Shawn Dubin

24. Blair Henley

25. Jairo Lopez

25. Angel Macaure

26. Austin Hansen
27. Ronnie Dawson

28. Bryan De la Cruz

29. JJ Matijevic

30. Valente Bellozo

Names to watch; Nate Perry, Jake Meyers, JP Lopez, Luis Santana, Julio Robaina, Manny Ramirez, Ryan Gusto, Chandler Taylor, Lo Quintana, Michael Papierski, CJ Stubbs, Colin McKee, Jeremy Molero, Cortabarria, Cobos, Caballos(?), Jayson Schroeder, Cody Deason, Willie Collado, Joe Perez, P Mushinski, B Daniels, G Gayle, C Shaver, Jake Adams, Whitcomb, Zimmerman, Duarte, D Taveras, Juan Paulino, Nerio Rodriguez

2020 Graduates ranks:

#2 Urquidy
#3 Javier

#4 Toro

#7 Paredes

#10 Bielak

#20 Taylor

#21 Stubbs

#22 Bailey (traded, CIN)

#23 Cionel Perez

#24 Rivera: (taken in R5, LAA)

#25 Scrubb

#26 Castellanos

Sanabria: (claimed, KC)

Mayfield: (claimed ATL)

Nick Tanielu: (claimed, SD)