Astros 40-man

As I count today from Astros website, HOU has whittled down to 35.

Big decisions loom on the horizon. An option might be to make a 2:1 trade.

Several possible needs, 1. A starter & A reliever 3. a solid OF.

On the Bubble to Make Room;

Mayfield, Jones, Bailey, Armenteros, Sneed, Castellanos (James Pruitt)

These are the Rule 5 Must-Haves;

1. Whitley

2. Solis

3. Ivey

4. Solomon

5. Nova

6. Rivera

Current Roster

Abreu Armenteros Bailey Bielak Castellanos Garcia Greink James Javier LMJ Enoli Cionel Press Pruitt Raley Scrubb

Nivaldo Sneed Taylor Urq Valdez Verlander Maldy Stubbs Tuve Bregs CC Diaz Yuli Jones Mayfield Toro Yordan Chas Straw Tucker (35) What about Smith?

What would you do?