How the Astros Can Get Creative to Sign George Springer

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

If you're like me, ever since Springer took the Astros by storm in 2014 there was only one choice for the face of the franchise. Springer immediately brought electricity and passion to the field unlike I've witnessed in my 28-odd years of Astros fandom. He quickly became my favorite player to watch and to root for and my Springer rainbow jersey gets the most mileage of any apparel I own. We've now come to the possible end of Springer's tenure with the Astros. To me, this doesn't sit well. Springer was always the most important bat to lock up as a franchise player but, with the uncertainty in the universe, I see that possibility as slim.

My proposal, if you're listening James Click, is to get really creative with a contract offer. George Springer could have netted close to $200M on the market just last year and he's coming off of a 60 game season that saw him in top form. The uncertainty in the universe, however, has culminated into contract predictions of around 5yr/$125M. That is simply ludicrous in consideration of the production and presence that George brings to the field.

I'm no GM or business mastermind, but it seems that the Astros front office could potentially use this uncertainty to their advantage. This may sound crazy, but I say offer Springer a deal such as 1yr/$30M that includes a mutual option for 5 additional years at $25M AND a player option of 4yr/$20M. This particular contract would guarantee Springer $110M over 5 years, potentially net him $155M over 6 years, and allow Springer the option to capitalize next offseason if the current uncertainty dissipates from the universe. So if anybody knows James Click, send him this memo and my contact info.