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Astros Open Forum. Is Dusty Baker blowing it again?

Time to sound off.

Division Series - Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros - Game Three Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Astros lost Game 3 of the ALDS Wednesday night, 9-7. At the end of the sixth inning the Stros held a 7-4 lead until Dusty Baker decided to leave Josh James in for his second inning, when he promptly surrendered a three run homer to tie the game. The A' s would score two more runs off Brooks Raley to seal their first win of the series.

Two questions for open discussion.

1. Obviously Dusty Baker's decision to go two innings with James was a mistake in hindsight. But was it justified at the time?

2. What pitching strategy should Baker pursue to close out the A's Thursday?

Sound off below.