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SB Nation Reacts: Looking back at crazy Wednesday

The Astros bested the Twins last week. Deal with it.

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MLB: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

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So, we can all agree that last week’s postseason baseball activity was rather excessive? Good in a way, bad in others. Like, eight playoff games on a single Wednesday in late September doesn’t feel healthy nor sustainable. It was glorious, don’t get me wrong, but it felt like gorging on too many donut holes and washing it all down with a Dr. Pepper. A haphazard decision which looked like fun at the time that ultimately led to a prolonged period of regret.

Most fans, however, liked how the slate of games on Wednesday unfolded.

Exciting for most, overkill for others. I think that hits the nail on the head for last Wednesday.

That said, it was amazing to see the Astros best the Twins in the Wild Card round. To be painfully honest, I wasn’t expecting that kind of result. I figured Minnesota would make short work of Houston and that would be it. I was wrong. I am glad that I was wrong. Wednesday was a fun day in that regard.

Will the Astros beat the A’s in the division series? I have my doubts. But never say never. After all, I never would have thought the Astros would lose four games at home in last year’s World Series with starts by Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander (x2), and Zack Greinke. Even if the Astros advance, the road is not easy. In fact, most fans (for good reason) have the Dodgers as the team to beat. I concur with that notion.

But life is rarely predictable.

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