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3 Astros Discussion Items

MLB: Houston Astros at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

1.) As we enter the off-season, there’s one key burning question in everyone’s mind. Does George Springer stay an Astro?

Across his career as an Astro, the 31 year old outfielder has produced to the tune of .270/.361/.491 - providing star level (and occasionally MVP level) performance good for 26.6 WAR to date in his career.

Click’s comments have been less than reassuring with the recent statements of “We cannot say enough good things about George Springer, tremendous human being, tremendous leader...but at the same time we have to contend with the tremendous uncertainty in our industry....” and commentary in regards to looking towards short term contracts and payroll flexibility to sustain a long window of championship caliber teams.

Regardless, I know everyone would like to keep Springer in an Astros uniform if possible. What would be your projected contract? Would you want the Astros to bite the bullet if it means losing key players like Correa?

2.) As almost everyone here knows, Jeff Luhnow recently did an interview proclaiming his innocence in regards to the knowledge of the sign stealing scandal. He talked about providing a 150 page binder full of evidence, and offering to take a polygraph - which he said were essentially ignored or refused by Rob Manfred.

Admittedly, I’m a big fan of Jeff Luhnow. I think he did more to change the game of baseball than he’ll ever get credit for given everything that has occurred. His version of Moneyball is a far better story if it wasn’t for the scandal.

But the scandal and associated stigma still lingers over his head, to the point that one of the reasons cited for A-Rod’s dismissal as an active pursuer of the Mets was due to him consulting with Luhnow. Unfortunately, I think Luhnow’s baseball days are likely behind him, at least as a GM or in a non-consulting type capacity. This leaves 2 options, either consulting or changing sports.

What are your thoughts on Luhnow’s legacy? If he was to get a sports franchise - such as the rumored discussion around the Houston Dynamo, would it encourage you to watch them? Did his interview change anything in your mind?

3.) I’m not going to lie, despite the weird year, awkward rule changes, tons of injuries etc - this years playoffs brought life back into baseball for me. Although we fell short, it was a ride I won’t forget, and us pulling out the bullpen game will be one of my favorite moments in history. The Astros have started to build up a ton of great post season moments and games ranging from Burke’s 18th inning home run, to Gurriel’s game tying HR off Kershaw, to the Altuve HR off Chapman. What has been your favorite Astros post-season moment?