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ALCS Game 5 Thread. October 15, 2020, 4:10 CDT. Rays @ Astros

It’s another do or die for the Stros. With everything on the line, the Astros bring the greenest rookie to the mound. Join the discussion.

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Valdez on short rest? One of the rookie pitchers?

It’s one of the rookie pitchers. After only 11 innings pitched in the Big Leagues, and after topping out of the minor leagues at Single A last year, Dusty Baker is sending Luis Garcia to the mound.

Is he a real starter or is this a bullpen day? How will the green starter handle playoff pressure? Will this be another Astros rookie pitcher miracle?

As if an elimination playoff game isn’t interesting enough.

One thing’s for sure. We need the ALDS Astros bats to show up from now on.

The Rays are starting with reliever John Curtiss, so for the Rays it’s definitely a bullpen day. Looks like it’s our rookie bullpen pieces against their veteran bullpen. On paper, advantage Rays. But miracles happen.

Let the game begin.

Go Stros.

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Listen: Astros - KBME 790 AM/94.5 FM HD-2, ESPN Radio, La Ranchera 101.7 FM/850 AM Rays - WDAE 620 AM/95.3 FM, ESPN Radio, WGES 680



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