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You asked for it: Another Carlos Correa Breaking T. He’s Just Crushin it, Bro.

It’s the ALCS. Time to support one of the greatest playoff performers in History.

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Move over Mr. October. There’s a new Mr October in town.

Division Series - Oakland Athletics v Houston Astros - Game Four Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

At just 26 years old, Carlos Correa is already a legendary playoff boomer.

Carlos has 15 post-season home runs, 12th all-time, and 45 RBI. With four more RBI he will surpass Reggie Jackson, even though “Mr. October” played in 32 more games.

“Be careful what you ask for.”

Everyone wanted a shot at Correa and the Astros. We’ve heard it all.

They’re cheaters.

They’re sub- .500.

They sneaked into the playoffs.

Everyone says, “give us a shot at those losers. We’ll put them back in their place.”

But as Carlos Correa warned, “Be careful what you ask for.”

Yeah, we’re talking about you, Twins. And A’s. What? Did Mike Fiers miss another playoff series? Guess what? It turns out if you’re a rat, you can run and you CAN hide too. Fiers, we’ll see ya next year, if you’re not too skeered.

Be careful what you ask for, because if you ask to play the Carlos Correa playoff juggernaut, you might just come home with your bruised tail tucked between your battered legs.

Carlos can talk kinda loud, but his bat sounds like a sonic BOOM. In the ALDS he smashed the A’s with three homers and a 1.754 OPS. That’s crushin it bro.

Thanks Carlos. On to the ALCS. With this latest Breaking T shirt, the Carlos Correa, Be Careful What You Ask For.

Be careful what you ask for, because if you’re asking for the Astros and Carlos Correa, you’re asking for more than you can handle.

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Carlos Correa may not be an Astro too many years longer, but is there any doubt he’s already the greatesrt Astros shortstop of all-time? This shirt will be a rare collector item some day, cherished by all true Astros fans.

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