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Why Jose Altuve did not want his Jersey removed.

It has to be nefarious. He’s an Astro, right?

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I’m a DJ sometimes. Live look in below.

No, that’s really not me. If he wants to be me, this old man needs to get a little more excited.

But I was driving to my gig early Saturday evening listening to AM 790 Sports Talk. Big mistake. There was a national syndicated show on, I don’t know who the hosts were, and I don’t care enough to find out.

Of course, one of the talking heads stated as a MATTER OF FACT that Jose Altuve was wearing a cheater’s buzzer when he hit the walk-off homer in Game 6 ALCS against the Yankees. After all, he didn’t want anyone to take off his shirt. Proof. And he had better home hitting production in 2019 than road production. Double proof.

Take it to the jury.

Hang im high.

If you’re not already tired of hearing the allegations, here’s a take from New York.

In this interview after the game Altuve explained that he didn’t want his jersey stripped off because “the last time they did this I got in trouble with my wife.” See interview below.

Of course, opinions may differ on this, but his answer seems spontaneous and sincere enough to me. Strange as it may seem, as a Christian, Latino family, he and his wife may actually have a sense of modesty.

Whether you believe that or not, there was an earlier incident in which his jersey was stripped off. It happened on April 7th against the A’s in Minute Maid Park. He was mobbed by his teammates after a walk-off walk. Here’s an amateur video. There was a better video posted here on TCB that has since been removed by Youtube. This is the best version I could find. At the very end you see Jose shirtless on the big screen.

Although it is hard to tell from this video, he resisted having his shirt removed on this occasion. In any case, when he said he didn’t want a repeat of the shirt removal ritual, there really was an earlier incident.


  1. This video lends credence to the apparent spontaneity and sincerity of his interview response.
  2. If he was hiding a buzzer in the ALCS, the buzzer system must not have been in place during the season, an unlikely scenario.
  3. If the Astros had a buzzer scheme, why would they need to be told not to take off the shirt that supposedly hid the conspiracy?

None of this proves or disproves the innocence of Jose Altuve and the Astros in the buzzergate allegations, but I would call this an exhibit for the defense.