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3 Astros Discussion Items

Toronto Blue Jays v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images


1.) As we look towards the playoffs, who would you want the Astros to face?

With 21 games left in the season, I think most people are eyeing the post season ready for another run. The Astros are obviously no stranger to the playoffs at this point, and have some familiar faces that they could potentially be facing. I figured I’ll post the high level of projected W-L (from Fangraphs). Tell me who your preferred AL match ups are and why. Is it their tattered rotation? They’re propped up by feasting on the weak? Or a simple desire to watch us destroy their playoff hopes and dreams?

AL East

Yankees - 104.6-57.4,

Rays - 93.7-68.3

AL Central

Twins - 99.9-62.1

Indians 92.3-69.7

AL West

Athletics - 93.3-67.7 **

**No idea why the Athletics are only projected to play 161 games this season?? lol **

2.) What would it take for Kyle Tucker to be starting in the playoffs if you were Hinch?

Don’t worry this isn’t a vast over-reaction to Kyle Tucker’s home run and the start of the campaign for him to make the Hall of Fame. The Astros have one of the top prospects in baseball (Fangraphs ranking him 15th, MLB ranking him 12th, and Baseball Prospectus ranking him 10th), who was officially called up and hit a home run last night.

So I’m curious, what would it take for you to anoint him as a Starting Outfielder for the playoffs? There are 21 games left, and probably less than 100 AB to judge him on.

3.) What was the biggest surprise to you about this season?

The continued break out of Alex Bregman? The surprise performance of a player like Miley? Michael Brantley quickly earning a way into the hearts of Astros fans? The Zack Greinke trade? What was the biggest shock to you and why?