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Brewers get to Greinke. Split series with Astros in 4-2 win

George Springer escorted by vehicle from field after head collision with the center field wall.

MLB: Houston Astros at Milwaukee Brewers
George Springer escorted out of the stadium after head-on collison with wall on caught fly-ball.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A team is tempting fate trying to win game after game with three or fewer runs. The Astros won the last two with such small run production, but without someone named Verlander or Cole pitching, that gambit is not likely to work very often.

Tonight, the four runs the Brewer accumulated against Zack Greinke in the third inning were all they would need. Ryan Braun drew first blood for the Brewers with a single to score Trent Grisham, who had singled and moved to third on Yasmani Grandal’s single. And then came the big blow that won the game for the Brewers, Eric Thames’ three run homer. All the runs came with two outs.

The Astros scored in the second on a Josh Reddick single, which plated Abraham Toro, who had tripled in front of Reddick. Here’s Toro’s triple.

The other Astros run came on a sixth inning solo home run by Alex Bregman, his 33rd of the year.

Zack Greinke gave another so-so performance, and could not squeak out of this one with a win as was the case in previous games. He allowed four runs on eight hits in six innings. He was lucky that a number of other well-hit balls were hit right at fielders. His ERA before tonight’s game as an Astro was 3.45, with a 4.52 xFIP, significantly higher than his numbers with the Diamondbacks. No doubt these numbers will be higher tomorrow when they are re-calculated.

Is Greinke going to be the third ace in the playoffs for which the Astros paid so dearly? Inquiring minds are starting to wonder.

No doubt the Astros are going to the playoffs, so the loss of one game in a 162 game season is not a major event. George Springer’s head-on collision with the wall in center field is of much greater concern. He was sprawled on the ground for several minutes, but was able to get up and sit in the vehicle that escorted him out of the stadium for further testing. He was able to move his arms and neck, but if he doesn’t at least have a concussion I will be very surprised.

Get well George.

No game tomorrow.

Box score and videos HERE