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3 Discussion Items

Let us know your point of view!

Miami Marlins v Houston Astros Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

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1.) Will the All-Time Win Record (116) ever be broken?

The Astros sit at 85-47. Men among boys standing atop the AL West, a powerhouse that is one of the greatest teams to take the field. Anything less than their 3rd straight 100+ win season would be a disappointment at this point.

But I realized that if they went out to win every single game for the remainder of the season, they’d still fall 1 game short of the all time win record. It got me to wondering, how realistic it is for the 116 game win record to be broken. Luck plays a huge factor in this, out performing your Pythagorean theorem definitely helps, but most importantly the team needs to stay healthy.

What are your thoughts? Will we see it broken any time soon? Could next years’ Astros team be the one to do it?

Baltimore Orioles v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

2.) Who is the Astros MVP so far this season in your mind?

This should be an interesting question. I’ll leave the judging criteria up to you. There’s more than one correct answer as Justin Verlander (2.77) and Gerrit Cole (2.75) fight for the ERA title. Wade Miley came out as a dark horse pumping out a 3 ERA across the majority of the season so far. Yuli Gurriel tapping into the “Cuban Babe Ruth” that he was hyped up as going .308/.348/.550 (135 wRC+) after an abysmal start. Michael Brantley deeply entrenched in the batting title. Or my personal choice, Alex Bregman who has improved on an MVP caliber season last year while filling in at SS as needed.

Who gets your vote?

Milwaukee Brewers v Houston Astros Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

3.) Would you crowd fund for an extension (or signing) of your favorite player?

Every off-season, there’s a group of fans shouting that they’ll donate to the cause. I’m not advocating for this, but let’s say there was a viral trend in social media land. Someone actually started a re-sign Springer (or Cole or fill in your favorite player here) GoFundMe, would you contribute if it was legit and made the team sign the player?