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Astros Open Forum: Who will be brought up when rosters expand Sept 1st.

Winner gets the TCB Alfred Einstein Award for Prognostication Excellence

MLB: Houston Astros-Media Day Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A major league baseball team normally is limited to 25 players, known as the 25-man roster. These are the players eligible to play in the games on a nightly basis. But there is another roster baseball teams account for, the 40-man roster. These are the 25 eligible players plus 15 others who can be moved on to the 25 man roster if necessary due to injury, trade, or demotion of players on the 25 man roster.

On September 1st, teams are allowed to expand their roster of players eligible to play in Major League games to include some or all of the players on the 40-man roster not already on the 25-man roster.

Your task: predict the right number of players called up by the Astros as well as their names. The winner will win the prestigious TCB Alfred Einstein award for prognostication excellence and have their names published on September 2nd. Here is a link to the current 40-man roster. Go for it!