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Game Thread 128, August 20th, 2017. 7:10 CDT. Tigers vs Astros.

MLB: Houston Astros at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros got the win yesterday against the last place Tigers. But did anyone else besides me not feel so great about it? The Astros only won by one run, and only scored one run after the first inning. The margin of victory came from an unearned run on a terrible error by the Detroit left-fielder. And the Astros got out-hit 14-8.

Or maybe it just feels bad because the Captain came down with back discomfort. That is terrible news any way you slice it. A broken leg, a broken thumb, a broken rib, those are all one-off flukes. The back issue for Carlos Correa is now officially a chronic issue, and as we saw last year, very debilitating. A.J. Hinch said that Correa will probably go on IL, and I would think until mid-September like last year so he would have time to readjust to hitting live pitching. But will he return still hobbled like last year? Back issues linger.

I’d have rather had the Stros lose yesterday, if there were no news that Correa has a chronic back issue. He has been playing so well. This issue casts a pall on his entire career.

Hope is not lost. Perhaps he comes back by October at full strength.

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