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Wade Miley and the Famous Guys: New t-shirt by Breaking T

Cause everyone loves the underdog

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Where’d this guy come from?

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well that’s Wade Miley, and he’s one of the good folks from Hammond Louisiana. Grew up hard scrabble in a country town near the bayou. His dad was a diesel mechanic.

When he came to the Astros this year, no one expected such big time performance from such a small town man.

But already, in mid-August he has 11 wins, and a sparkling 3.11 ERA.

Even in a galaxy of pitching stars, Verlander, Cole, Greinke, you can see this man of the people shining bright. He may not be one of the famous guys, but he’s definitely one of the good guys on this great Astros team. In a starting rotation that is third in the AL in ERA, knowledgeable fans know Wade Miley is a big, and even surprising reason why the Astros’ pitching has been so superb.

It’s time to give Wade Miley the love he deserves. In honor of the little guy who made it big, Breaking T has created this new shirt, the Wade Miley and the Famous Guys t-shirt.

Look at the lettering on that shirt. It’s like the old-West. And Texas all painted up in the Astros rainbow orange. Take that you Rangers fans. After all, the only World Series trophy to come to Texas came to HOUSTON. (that little star in the corner there)

And Wade Miley’s gonna be a big part of it when Houston has its second victory parade this November.

This is an Astros shirt like no other, so show your Astros pride and appreciation by wearing this Wade Miley and the Famous Guys t-shirt. Let your friends know that the Astros don’t just have the best pitching trio in baseball, they’ve got Wade Miley too.

This shirt is a super-comfortable, poly/cotton blend, durable, yet ultra-soft. It comes in all sizes and is an officially sanctioned product of the MLBPA.

Order yours HERE for just $28.00. This link will take you to Breaking T’s secure checkout page, where you can order the shirt in your size, from S to 3XL. Delivery is super fast, and if you’re not completely satisfied, Breaking T has a full money back guarantee.

Don’t let this chance to get the Wade Miley shirt pass you by. Order now