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Podcast: Bilbos talks Jake Marisnick, the Angels, and the non-violence principle with OSIP

Interview with organization, Outstanding Sportsmanship is Paramount, regarding the incident last month in which Jake Marisnick averted a brawl with the Angels in Anaheim.

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels
Angels relief pitcher Noe Ramirez (24) reacts toward the Houston Astros bench during the sixth inning after center fielder Jake Marisnick (6) was hit by pitch at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. 
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Last July, you may remember the issue of Jake Marisnick and his collision with Angels catcher Jonathon Lucroy. Although most observers believed the collision was unintentional, it did cause serious injury to Lucroy, and Marisnick was suspended for two games.

When the Astros went to Anaheim a few days later, there was jeering and general fan abuse directed at Marisnick, and when the Angels threw at Marisnick’s head, The Angels dugout and bullpen emptied. And yet just as the Astros were about to engage the battle, Marisnick implored his teammates to remain in the dugout.

The story was written HERE and reached all the way to New Jersey to the ears of the organization Outstanding Sportsmanship is Paramount. In this interview, OSIP President and founder Jack Furlong interviews the author of the Marisnick article, William Metzger about the incident, about the “unwritten” rules of baseball, and how the principle of non-violence displayed by Marisnick that night could have a wider social and political applicability.

The interview is 54 minutes.