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Astros Crawfish Potluck: July 6th, 2019

Start your weekend by telling us the best Astros links around

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MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros may have lost the series opener to the Angels but it’s hard to complain about that when they won the previous five in a row. Hopefully they can get a quick turnaround and win the next two as they head into the All-Star break. In the meantime, let us know what’s going on with the Astros and the baseball world in general.

Oh, and as a PSA, don’t forget that tonight’s game will be on FOX (ugh) and starts about an hour early.

The rules are simple for the potluck: We want you to find a good baseball story and post a link to it in the comments. So long as the story is appropriate, we’ll put it in the body of the article for everyone to read and give credit to the person who posted it. I’ll check back in from time to time to add new links posted in comments, so if you’re not in the first round or two, feel free to post anyways.

That’s it! Now let’s get cooking!

The rotation decision the Astros face after the All-Star break (mhatter106, The Athletic, $$$)

How Yordan Álvarez became an Astro (runzwitbeer, Houston Chronicle)

Padres, Astros, Twins Stand As Gold-Standard Farm Systems On This Futures Game Weekend (Brian Cohn, Forbes)