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Talking Stros Podcast: Gerrit Cole Leads The Astros to 107 Wins

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Segment 1: So many individual accomplishments!

Segment 2: A look at the playoff-bound teams and focus on who the Astros best match-up with in the first round?

Segment 3: Who is likely on the roster for Game 1 of the ALDS on Friday?


The Astros have 11 games left, but Brandon cautions you on the evil that could come with the #1 seed in the ALDS. Kyle Tucker is finally becoming that guy you can trust, but will he be on the playoff roster? Listen to Talking Stros every Sunday on KTXF The Reel.


Segment 1:

The Astros win big versus the Mariners and Gerrit Cole pitches well again. Eric and Will Moriarty discuss the odds of re-signing Cole and is it between him and George Springer. Carlos Correa is a great player when healthy, but we are not sure if the Astros are his forever home.

Segment 2:

Kyle Tucker has started hitting and fans need to temper their expectations with him. Everyone can’t come up and do what Yordan Alvarez has done. Then we discussed the Astros going to a 4 man rotation.

Segment 3:

Eric and Will look ahead to the rest of the year and how much the Astros need first seed overall. We looked at the Braves chances of winning the AL.

Listen to Talking Stros every week on KTXF The Reel.

August 25, 2019

The Astros took care of business versus the Angels to have the best record officially in the AL. If the Yankees win, it will go back to the tiebreaker with the Astros record against them in 2019. The Astros have gotten some great production from their pitchers and the offense breaks out with 7 runs in the 8th inning.

Segment 1: Valdez’s performance and who will be sent down to AAA?

Segment 2: How good is the Astros pitching staff and is Kyle Tucker going to start?

Segment 3: Looking at the rest of the season and the matchups for the postseason.


Segment 1: The Astros finally win?

It was a tough week, 2-5 with rainouts, doubleheaders, last-minute scratches. Outside of Josh James and Aledmys Diaz, the Astros are the healthiest they have been in a while. Zack Greinke ate up some innings today, got his 200th win. Astros struggled to maintain the lead in the five-game losing streak. Michael Brantley with 51 multi-hit games 5 consecutive. Batting .335. League-leading and the franchise record is 69 by Jose Altuve in 2014.

First 4 hit game of the season for Alex Bregman, big go-ahead three-run homer on a curveball, 30 homers, career-high is 31 last year. Thoughts on Aaron Sanchez. The Stros are 79-46 and avoided a four-game sweep against the Athletics.

Segment 2: Diaz’s surprise IL

Who is coming up? 9 relievers for Sunday’s game. Jack Mayfield or Myles Straw? We almost had a Brad Peacock sighting, but the Astros stranded 2 runners on in the ninth inning.

Segment 3: Kyle Tucker vs. Josh Reddick

September callups, still 40 this year, but next year it will go from 26 - 28 players in September. I like that, for Fantasy Baseball. Do the Astros trust Tucker at first base? Next year. Players weekend jersey nicknames.


Segment 1: 6:00 pm - Recapping the trade deadline

Segment 2: 6:20 pm - The Astros are hot

Segment 3: 6:40 pm - A look at the upcoming roster moves

Segment 4: 7:00 pm - Would the Astros have been a better team with Nelson Cruz

Segment 5: 7:20 pm - A look at the AL Playoff bound teams

Segment 6: 7:40 pm – Prospect talk with Spencer Morris


Segment 1: 6:00 pm - Since the All-Star break, the good and the bad.

Segment 2: 6:20 pm - We need a pitcher, not an opener.

Segment 3: 6:40 pm - Trade deadline talk, duh, 16 days left.

Segment 4: 7:00 pm - Look ahead to the Angels road series and Rangers home series



  • Cole vs. Verlander for best starter
  • Pressly vs. Osuna for best reliever
  • Rookie of the year so far
  • Reflection on other starters
  • The injury bug
  • Favorite moments/games
  • Record 56-33
  • Regrets over not signing Morton/Keuchel?
  • Jose Urquidy struggles
  • Did Marisnick target lucroy?
  • Corbin Martin had TJ surgery
  • Micheal Brantley
  • Reflection on Tyler Skaggs
  • The Yordan Alvarez story
  • Rotation out of the break
  • Framber Valdez to return?
  • Injury updates
  • Kemp’s time in Houston coming to an end?
  • Tyler White is needed at this
  • Yuli has homered in five consecutive games.
  • Trade targets


Segment 1 - All about Jose Urquidy

  • Urquidy to start Tuesday in Colorado.
  • Brad Peacock hit the IL
  • Framber Valdez just went down
  • Rogelio Armenteros isn’t available.
  • Did Cy Sneed do enough?
  • 40 man roster is full
  • Corbin Martin news not good

Segment 2 - Astros playing better

  • What are they doing better during this 3 game winning streak
  • Why does it look so easy for Yordan?
  • Astros fans hate Tyler White
  • All-Stars aplenty
  • Any snubs
  • What’s it like to be an Astros fan in KC?

Segment 3 - looking ahead to trade deadline

  • Matthew Boyd the Target over a rental pitcher
  • Zack Wheeler, Seth Lugo, Madison Bumgarner
  • Everyone wants to trade Kyle Tucker except for the Astros and most of the fan base.
  • More trade talk
  • Trade needs


The Houston Astros break a seven game losing streak behind the pitching of Justin Verlander and four homers at Yankee Stadium. During that losing streak, the Astros struggled with runners in scoring position and were in striking distance for most of the games. Yordan Alvarez has done something that no rookie has done in MLB history since 1920 and the Astros have tied a franchise record in something else.

With George Springer and Collin McHugh on the verge of returning, who will get sent down to Triple-A? Has Tyler White done enough to stick around once Carlos Correa returns after the All-Star break? We discussed what trade targets could be out there for the Astros in July as the trade deadline approaches and what the lineup will look like when everyone returns.

We also discuss Spencer Morris’ Top 40 Astros prospects.


The Houston Astros finally promote Yordan Alvarez and he has entered an elite group of players to do something in their first 5 MLB games. Framber Valdez is impressing in the rotation and the Astros find a creative way to get their 4th round draft pick to sign.


Segment 1: A look at the Carlos Correa injury and the ramifications of the injury. The Astros continue to win. Does Forrest Whitley need a reset? What’s going on with injuries?

Segment 2: Wade Miley has been great. Do the Astros have enough depth to succeed? Yordan Alvarez talk. Jeff Luhnow says he doesn’t have enough experience at first base. Could they bring both Tucker and Alvarez up? Josh Rojas promoted to AAA, Luhnow said he could get a chance in 2019 if needed. Look at the MLB draft.

Segment 3: A look at the week ahead. Justin Verlander passes CY Young. As good as Gerrit Cole is, does he make too many mistakes? The Mariners are sellers, any takers? Other notable minor leaguers to watch

Segment 4: Draft Talk with Spencer Morris


Segment 1: Red Sox series - can’t finish the sweep and lose three players to injuries at the same time. The good, the bad, and the injured.

Segment 2: The next man up is, plus Jose Altuve begins his rehab assignment. Super 2 ramification with Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker. We may have to wait a week to see one or both.

Segment 3: A look down at the farm and two young pitchers join the Round Rock rotation. If Corbin Martin is not the one, will one of these two players help until Forrest Whitley’s arm is not so dead?


Segments 1 &2: @Aarcraft9 and @Bags4HoF present #Astros Mayhem Extravaganza.

Segment 3: Collin McHugh to bullpen and Corbin Martin debuts, what to make of the rest of the rotation with Bill Metzger.

Segment 4: General baseball discussion

Segment 5: Yordan Alvarez discussion and Madison Bumgarner a trade target?

Segment 6: Look ahead to the Tigers series and the Red Sox series and a little ADD discussion


Segment 1 (6-6:16 pm): The Astros have a historic offense, can they keep it up?

Segment 2 (6:20-6:36 pm): Bottom of the batting order producing as it did in 2017, the depth is deeper, and will get better when Alvarez is promoted. Look ahead to the seven-game homestand

Segment 3 (6:40-6:56 pm: Talking Astros prospects, did the Super Two cutoff move into May? How does that effect Yordan Alvarez? Thoughts of Corbin Martin and Collin McHugh the reliever. The switch of Brad Peacock and Wade Miley.

Segment 4: Prospect talk with Spencer from Crawfish Boxes