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What Does the Alvarez call-up tell us?

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Finally! Yordan Alvarez will be in the lineup tonight for the Houston Astros. A few thoughts on what the decision tells us:

  • The front office is not happy with the play on the field. The Astros have been bad, and have been getting away with it. The team has not looked sharp, especially on defense. They want to put a charge in the team before the lead shrinks too much
  • They do value what Yordan has done for 2.5 months. As much as Tucker has come on strong, they wanted to send a signal that they notice on-field performance. Yordan was leading or 2nd in the PCL in HR, RBI, and BB. He’s been dominating the league from day 1. A call-up of Tucker might have worked out just as well, but it would have sent another message of perverted incentive.
  • They are going to make another transaction in the next 72 hours. Guduan for Yordan means the team has a 7-man BP again. Hinch feels that the BP is taxed and overused. I suspect that Mayfield will go down and somebody like Deetz will be up, maybe after the off-day tomorrow.
  • White’s days are numbered. Even though Mayfield (2 for 29) is probably the weakest link, guys are going to start coming back. With Diaz, Correa, Altuve, and Springer all on the DL. The Astros will dispatch Straw and then Fisher, when the team has a full deck, but they might even stick around ahead of White. And if Yordan hits, they’re not going to option him to keep a guy with no power (.073 ISO) who K’s at a 31% rate.

Let’s hope the Astros score some runs tonight and take the series victory.