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Game 63 Thread. June 6th, 2019, 2:40 CDT. Astros vs. Mariners

The Astros took a pounding last night as A.J. Hinch decided to rest his bullpen. With Verlander going for the series win today will he need his bullpen? Join the discussion.

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. Fourteen to one last night. But in two appearances relief pitcher Tyler White’s ERA is only 5.40, a might bit better than a few other pitchers on the current roster. Why he even has a 10.80 K/9 ratio. He has a remarkable two-pitch arsenal; the change up, and the other change up.

Go Tyler.

Justin Verlander takes on Austin Adams, who has only pitched 10. 2 innings this season with a 3.38 ERA.

Lineup here.