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Sometimes the Bar Eats You; Astros Lose Big

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not much to write about in a 14-1 blowout, when the good guys only score one runs and scratch out six hits.

Peacock continued to pitch well, letting in only two runs on four hits in 5 IP, during which he K’ed six Mariners. He left trailing 2-1. In the bottom of the sixth Hinch decided to go with Guduan, despite blowing the lead the night before. This was a medium leverage situation for a low leverage reliever. Three of the four batters faced reached, including Santana, who hit a two-run HR.

Hinch replaced Guduan with Rodgers, despite Rodgers looking very shaky in the 9th on Tuesday. Rodgers allowed two more home runs in the 6th, and stayed in to mop up. In the 7th, he had a nice inning but allowed a 3-run HR in the 8th, out of which he could not extract himself. Tyler White came on to get the last two outs, not before giving up a solo HR.

The Astros put the ball in play but, sometimes you eat the BABIP dragon, and sometimes it eats you. 1-10 with RISP, and only five strikeouts. Josh Reddick logged the only multi-hit game for the good guys.

Hinch obviously feels the BP is taxed or that certain guys need another day. He decided to go with Guduan in a one-run game, bypassing Devo, Rondon, and Harris.

I’m not sure if Guduan or Rodgers remain on the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luhnow trades for a reliever, or maybe brings up Deetz. The Astros have a getaway game today. The top six relievers should in theory be rested. They are on pace for 108 wins.