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A QUICK recognition of how exSTRAWrdinarily fast Myles is

A light hitting, speedster has captured the hearts of Astros fans. At the end of last year, Astros fans got their first taste as Straw tied his season high in home runs with his first MLB home run:

Straw, came in #10 on CrawfishBoxes top 30 prospects (Spencer and AstrosFuture do an excellent job) with this to say:

10. Myles Straw, OF

Current Level: MLB

ETA: 2018

DOB: 10/17/94

Straw has steadily made his way through the system after being a 12th round pick in 2015. He hits for average, draws walks, and steals bases. He started the year in AA and hit .327 with a .414 OBP in 65 games. He was also 35-41 in stolen bases. He was promoted to AAA and played in 66 games hitting .257 with .349 OBP while stealing another 35 bags. Overall he hit .291 with 70 SB in 131 games. He saw some time in Houston too and was 3-for-9 with a homer. He possesses plus speed and is probably the fastest player in the Astros system. He also has a very strong arm and with the his speed, should be able to be plus in center field. Plus speed, plus arm, and above average defense bodes well for Straw to big a major leaguer for a long time.

2018 Stats: 131 G, .291 BA/.381 OBP/.353 SLG, 17 2B, 6 3B, 1 HR, 31 RBI, 70 SB, 73 BB/102 K

Despite his lack of power, he still managed a 131 wRC+!!

Spencer did a profile on potential rookie contributors for 2019, with this to say:

Myles Straw, OF, 24 - An outstanding find by the Astros in round 12 of the 2015 draft, Straw played himself out of fringe prospect status with his epic 70-stolen base 2018 campaign. A 5’10” outfielder with little power, Straw has a similar offensive profile to Garrett Stubbs, but is a true plus-plus baserunner, having succeeded on 88.6% of stolen base attempts in the minors last season. He hit just two home runs last year and rarely connects with authority, but he brings a savvy approach and has had consistently high OBPs up the ladder. Straw will need to keep his contact rate around 85% to be a consistent contributor in the bigs, but I like his chances to do so. Straw projects to play the Tony Kemp role and provide more value with his speed, an area where Kemp has struggled as a big leaguer.”

Straw hasn’t hesitated to show off his elite speed or defense since the start of the year with this catch back in February:

But I know what you’re thinking, that game doesn’t even count. Here’s one that did:

For context:

And some more highlights: