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Fanpulse asks: Do You Trust the Astros Front Office in the Draft? (Let’s Compare Astros fans to the Rest)

It’s 100% yes. But look at how other fans responded.

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Astros fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

Astros fans, as usual have a 97-100% positive response about their manager, the direction of the team, and now the ability of the front office to draft wisely. In fact, this week confidence in the direction of the team and the manager is at 100%. But don’t all fans feel this way?

No, clearly the Astros fans are the MOST CONTENTED in baseball. Let’s look at last week’s draft question. The Astros fans are the only ones to post a 100% confidence number. Most teams’ fanbases answer in the positive range, the next highest being the Twins at 98%, but a good number of fans don’t trust their front offices. For the Pirates the number is 29%, for the Mets the number is 34%, for Phillies fans the number is 44%, for White Sox fans the number is 47%, and only 49% of Royals trust their front office to draft wisely. Didn’t they win the World Series a few years ago?

I am not saying these fans are irrational, or that certain regions of the country are just naturally prone to be negative. Yankees fans, from the same city as Mets fans, have a 90% positive rating of their trust in the front office. And in Chicago 91% of fans support the Cubbie front office, and only 47% the White Sox’.

Club records don’t correlate with confidence ratings either, at least not exactly. In last place Baltimore, 85% of their fans trust their front office. Since it is a new Astroball front office, maybe that is the only thing Orioles fans have to believe in.

And fans of the perpetually mediocre Angels, a .500 team year after year despite the towering talent of Mike Trout, have a 90% level of confidence in their front office.

In the overall confidence question, this week the Astros received a 100% rating. The Washington Nationals’ fans only have 6% confidence, Indians fans only 23%, Pirates fans only 26%, Giants fans only 27%, Cardinal fans only 30%, and Mets fans only 41%.

If you think people here at the Crawfish boxes bitch and moan, just think of how bad it must be in Washington D.C.

Again, Astros fans consistently express the highest level of confidence among all fanbases in MLB. It turns out, our Panic Battalion isn’t even a platoon, not even a squad, just a few deserters.